Project Summary

What is AL-DRAGON?

It is a new parallel world that creates a new economy that works in conjunction with the real world and on the metaverse. It is a new parallel world where valuable services, assets, and experiences from all over the world are interlinked in a variety of ways that transcend the boundaries between the real world and the online world. We will be able to transcend the boundaries between the real world and the online world and experience the various interlinked metaverses and the real world. As a stage for this, we will link Georgia and Japan as our first worlds..



We will use the metaverse to experience some of the rules, things, and services that exist in the real world. Specifically, we will create the following interrelationships
1: Country ⇔ Metaverse
2: Currency ⇔ Proprietary Tokens
3: Citizens ⇔ Avatar
4: Law ⇔ Governance
5: Economy ⇔ Battle Game
6: Assets ⇔ NFT
7: Contracts ⇔ Smart Contracts
The metaverse to be realized based on these themes is called "Digital Planet" (separate explanation page), We will build Metaverse Batumi in the first phase.

What can be done?

Users will be able to experience the following Purchase services and assets at partner stores and towns using ALD, a unique currency. Participate in exclusive communities and battle games in the Metaverse with your avatar. Become the owner of an economic zone, support your partners, promote and support your business.

How can I participate?

There are two ways to participate.
(1) As a user By purchasing NFT directly, you become a user of the economic activity as an avatar.  
You can support the whole project by purchasing the Governance Token DPL.
(2) As a partner You can provide services and assets to the project. You will receive DPL/ALD as an expression of participation..

Phase 0

  • Hire Core Team
  • Bring on Key Advisors
  • Determine viability through market
  • Analysis

Phase 1

  • NFT launch
  • ALD launch
  • First ALD Partner Signed

Phase 2

  • DPL private sale
  • Bring on more Partners

Phase 3

  • DPL Pubic sale
  • Metaverse Testnet
  • Real world Special event
  • Asset Catalog promotion

Phase 4

  • DPL Staking Start
  • Metaverse launch
  • Battle game launch

Project Investors

The Al Dragon project offers you an investment opportunity with huge growth potential!
Please reach out to to learn more about and secure your stake in our project.

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AL-Dragon NFT concept

Dragon Avatar

  • Avatar dragon for use in the Metaverse. 
  • Holders airdrop ALDs on the 20th of each month.
  • 8 categories of attributes exist.

Dragon Egg

  • NFT to be distributed to those attending the Georgia event.
  • It cannot be used as an avatar and gives holders who meet certain criteria the opportunity to receive an ALD.

Dragon Eyes Ball

  • This item is used to evolve dragon avatars.
  • 8 categories of attributes exist.
  • ASA: Coming Soon

Evolutionary Material Dragon

  • It is an evolutionary material with the same use as the Dragon Eyes Ball.
  • It cannot be used as an avatar.
  • ASA: 734632797,736235981,736247031,736262503,818728279

ALD Concept

ALD Partner $ Menu

  • Daisu Wine imports and distributes traditional wines from Georgia to Japan. Residents of Japan can experience a glass of wine by presenting their ALD at the event.
  • Product: Wine (one glass) Price: 10 ALD
  • This site link
  • Mayta is a restaurant serving Asian cuisine.
  • Product: Asian food 
  • This site link
  • Garage Wine  distributes traditional wines & cheese from Georgia 
  • Product: Wine & cheese
  • This site link
  • Safari  are community spaces and refreshments available.
  • Product: launch & space
  • This site link
  • Japanese ate is  japanese sweet partner
  • Product: sweets 
  • This site link
  • Batumi Real Estate
  • Product: Real Estate
  • Coming Soon