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We are a technology company that helps you to take your product or platform idea from conceptualisation to production with scale in mind.
Our core development experts and teams can assist you with your projects across various time zones.
Digital Bridge is a company focused on the building and management of software and blockchain related projects and solutions.
Our areas of expertise cover traditional software engineering principles as well as emerging technologies with web3, blockchain, big data, artificial intelligence and IoT.

What we do
• Solutions architecture
• Systems analysis and design
• Software, web, mobile, cloud development
• Blockchain development services
• Smart contract development
• Web2 to Web3 project strategy, consulting and development
• UX and UI with design thinking and concept ideation
• Cybersecurity audit and rollout
• Network infrastructure and management

Core team

Our team is a guild of engineers and technology professionals with a high level of responsibility,
integrity and ethics who embrace an entrepreneurial mindset.

Technology specialization

Software development services include software solution design, web, mobile and cloud
application development as well as API development. 
Blockchain related services include smart contracts, DeFi, Metaverse, NFTs, Tokenisation, Web3,
Cryptocurrency and CBDC integration projects 

Key Industry and Practice Areas
Blockchain, FinTech, E-commerce, PropTech, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, IoT

Key Technology Platforms and Skills
Ethereum, Solana, Cosmos & Tendermint, Stellar, Algorand, Polygon, BNB, Solidity, Rust, Go,
Hyperledger Fabric, Node.js, Javascript, PHP, Python, Java, .NET, AWS, Azure, GCP, Oracle

Ways of working (operations)
1. Sales pipeline management from business development team 
2. Client initial project brief meeting 
3. Follow up working meeting full requirements and system analysis 
4. Project plan and specification for sign off 
5. Contract and NDA 
6. Project kickoff and sprint development and testing cycle 
7. Project handover and documentation 
8. Support plan

Software development services
• Web (e-commerce, web development, online platform development)
• Mobile (Android and IOS development)
• Cloud (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Oracle)
• Blockchain (Web3, DApps, Smart contracts, Asset Tokenization)
• Game development (Metaverse development, Unity engine, Bamboo.js)

Strategy and brand services
• Web3 strategy
• Marketing
• UX and UI
• Brand design and content creation

Network infrastructure and cybersecurity
• Cisco infrastructure consulting, rollout and support
• Cybersecurity audit, infrastructure rollout and support

Blockchain development services we provide
We at NomadEngineer constantly strive to develop cutting-edge solutions for small and medium-sized businesses SMEs). We offer blockchain development services to ensure that smaller businesses can take advantage of the revolutionary systems. By simplifying the process and maximizing the end result, we empower businesses. Blockchain development services we provide:

• Smart contract development
• Smart contract audits
• DeFi development
• DApp development
• Asset tokenization (real estate, NFTs)

Artificial Intelligence integration services

Our developers have extensive knowledge of AI programming and learning technologies. We are proficient in cutting-edge AI and data science development tools, including:
SAS, PowerBI, Tableau;
Apache Spark, Hadoop;
OpenAI and ChatGPT;