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ALD PartnerShip

【About Al-Dragon Partnership】
・This project is conducting demonstration experiments in Japan and Georgia to expand the creation of an economic sphere using digital currency in the real world and in metaverse.

・We have already started several partnerships and are looking for more partners to join.

【Application Requirements】

・Individuals and companies that provide value in the form of assets, services, food and beverage, etc. in Japan and Georgia.

・We will provide explanations and implementation support even if you do not have any knowledge of Web3, etc.

【Strengths of Participation】

・We can promote your products and services in the community and attract customers.

・Opportunity to promote your products to the public outside of your home country.

・Expansion of the community will increase the number of ALD payment options.

【Conditions for Participation】
・ALD payment will be approved for some of our products.


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