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AL-DRAGON relaunches new website with new development team Here we also provide you with new information on the launch of the new site.


AL-DRAGON page has been sharing an overview of the project so far on SNS and discord in May. However, I think it was difficult to know what is the latest and what kind of efforts are being made now with regard to the freshness of information and changes. In addition, since the project team has been working on the project in a decentralized manner in Japan and Georgia, the information will be listed on the page, and the partners who have joined the AL-DRAGON economic zone will also be listed, for the purpose of sharing communication.

【Token ALD &DPL】

The project issued two types of proprietary tokens.

One is ALD, which can be used as digital currency. This is a token that Dragon Holders can use in place of legal tender for goods in stores offered by ALD partners with an airdrop on the 20th of each month. A list of these partners can be found on the website. However, this token is positioned as a special kind of stable coin; it is not a token secured by paper money, but a credit-created token based on wine. This concept may be a bit difficult to understand, but in a nutshell, it is meant to be a tool that enables barter based on wine. As such, it is positioned solely as a currency that can be used within the project partners without providing liquidity.

The other is the Governance Token DPL. This one is a token that is no different from a regular crypto with fluctuations in value. 8,888,888,888 is the maximum number of tokens that can be issued. We plan for this token to eventually go to the community. (We are looking at less than 10% ownership within the team.) We will also be rolling out information on how to obtain the tokens on our website. The starting price is planned to be 1 cent.

【Commercialization of project teams】

As you know, the crypto market is currently taking a major hit, and Web3-based projects have been exhausted over the past year. We have already seen a number of projects shut down or lagpull. We are fortunate that our core team is also a group of members who are individually running their own corporations, rather than Web3 as their main business. As such, we were able to attract members and run projects in parallel with this project and each of our businesses. While we were continuously making presentations to general VCs and investors in our search for overlapping collaborators, a collaborator came to us. However, in light of recent community views and the goal of a true Web3, we must seriously consider how much influence a group that is claimed to have a specific power has on the progress of the project.

Therefore, rather than having the newly emerged entrepreneurs and investors directly involved as collaborators in the project, the idea is to form friendly partnerships with them in their original businesses, while reinvesting the profits from their main business from the project’s business corporation, with no impact on the flow of funding on a trial basis. We are coordinating to see if this can be done within the scope of the project.

The current decisions are as follows
The project will start a new business related to Web3 and Web2. The main business areas are as follows.
Software development services

Web (e-commerce, web development, online platform development)
Mobile (Android and IOS development)
Cloud (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Oracle)
Blockchain (Web3, DApps, Smart contracts, Asset Tokenization)
Game development (Metaverse development, Unity engine, Bamboo.js)
Strategy and brand services

Web3 strategy
UX and UI
Brand design and content creation
Network infrastructure and cybersecurity

Cisco infrastructure consulting, rollout and support
Cybersecurity audit, infrastructure rollout and support
Blockchain development services we provide

We at NomadEngineer constantly strive to develop cutting-edge solutions for small and medium-sized businesses SMEs). We offer blockchain development services to ensure that smaller businesses can take advantage of the revolutionary systems. By simplifying the process and maximizing the end result, we empower businesses. Blockchain development services we provide

Smart contract development
Smart contract audits
DeFi development
DApp development

Asset tokenization (real estate, NFTs)

Artificial Intelligence integration services

Our engineers have extensive knowledge of AI programming and learning technologies. We are proficient in cutting-edge AI and data science development tools, including: PyTorch

SAS, PowerBI, Tableau
Apache Spark, Hadoop
OpenAI and ChatGPT

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